The Deeper Life

Any seeker of mental health is ultimately searching for reality. 

Any seeker of mental health is ultimately searching for reality. 

Like all serious students, be it of philosophy, physics, or psychology, the unspoken goal of research and study is the revelation of an eternal Truth, one that is replicable, stable, valid, accurate, and can predict future unfoldings.

These are all characteristics of what the term Reality is meant to represent, although these days, everyone has their own ‘reality’ and your ‘reality’ is not my ‘reality’ etc. These changeable ‘realities’ are actually ‘perceptions’ of Reality. Everyone has their own perception of Reality.  While exquisite and mysterious, this fact is what underlies the search for the Reality that is not altered by perspective – the reality that is a rock around which our perspectives move and thereby our perceptions change.

The search for reality is as old and diverse as the search for the meaning of life, and none of the arts or sciences has yet been able to approach a commensurate answer.  Certainly, the sages of the ages have attempted to convey their revelations, and they, perhaps more than science, have achieved a correspondence, together have described a vision of reality that is whole, eternal, and one that the sciences are gradually approaching, even physics.  Based on these, and with a vision of the universe as both an orderly place and one that can with perspective fall into chaos, The Deeper Life presents three assumptions of the universe and Reality which form the ground from which to search for mental health, and to which we must return again and again to keep our search ‘real’.

The following two articles discuss these three assumptions of the nature of the universe, and are presented as gifts of the sages:

Gifts from the Sages: First One, then Two

Gifts:  Third But Not Least

Further articles present a new way of perceiving the unconscious:

A Visitor's Guide To The Unconscious

and a time-honoured way of accessing the unconscious as a source of serenity, healing, and creativity:

Hypnotic Journeys Within

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