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Teeya Blatt: Mental Health Beyond Psychology

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I went into psychology because I was looking for a way of living in this world and being, if not happy (which I have to say I finally am), at least content, comfortable in my skin. Psychology was good for me because it trained my mind, and gave me the lingo, the concepts with which to think of core truths. After that, the writing of the sages took me into even deeper perspectives.

The sages, for the most part, are not contemporary westerners, so it was very hard to be sure if what I thought I was reading was what the writers were intending. When we’re talking of places or realms of the soul, you want to make sure your map is in a language you can understand! I didn’t, and I got lost. Very lost. The deep dark forest where there’s no light at all, you can’t even see your hand in front of your face! I spent a long time in there, so now I know those places with my eyes closed, and I came back out, without medication. That’s not everyone’s way, it was mine. What for this kind of knowledge, if not to share it in the hopes that it may be of use to people on their own journeys?

So I came up with this website, these courses, these articles, my unique contribution made by the life I have lived. I am available for consultation, be it as dream reader, spiritual educator, hypnosis instructor, or to help you with the structure of your essays. I may be reached at: teeya@thedeeperlife.com.au

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